»Plato’s Metaphysics of Soul«


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Glücklich sind wir immer dann, wenn wir mit uns und der Welt im Einklang sind. Das ist keine Sache des Zufalls. Auch nicht der gedankenlosen Euphorie. Es setzt voraus, dass wir uns mit Liebe, Lust und Leidenschaft (was die alten Hellenen Eros nannten) aufs Leben einlassen: eine Grundhaltung, die sich im Alltag zeigt und bewährt.

Über dieses Buch

In the begin­ning of the 21st cen­tu­ry, at the edge of the digi­tal era, huma­ni­ty is bad need of a new phi­lo­so­phi­cal frame­work. Other­wi­se we shall not be capa­ble to face the mul­ti­ple chal­lenges of both the rise of AI and the upri­sing cli­ma­te-chan­ge. But were to find a pro­per mind­set? Chris­toph Quarch gives the ans­wer: In Pla­to. Given that we under­stand his tea­chings well, the oldest thin­king seems to be most con­tem­po­ra­ry. For Pla­to offers a ‚Meta­phy­sics of Ali­veness’ by which being is unders­tood life – and human exis­tence as an invi­ta­ti­on to grow and blos­som. By his re-lec­tu­re of Plato’s final dia­lo­gue „The Laws” Quarch’s essay out­lines the key-fea­tures of a most fasci­na­ting and inspi­ring approach to flou­ris­hing humanity.
„Soul, my fri­end, seems to have been misun­ders­tood by almost ever­yo­ne – both con­cer­ning her ener­gy and all her other aspects and her coming-into-being. The truth is that Soul belongs to the prin­ci­ples as she is older than any phae­no­me­non and directs any chan­ge and reor­ga­niza­ti­on of ever­y­thing.” (Pla­to, Laws 892a).

Dr. phil. Chris­toph Quarch (*1964 in Düs­sel­dorf) is a phi­lo­so­pher, best-sel­ling aut­hor, spea­k­er, and con­sul­tant for com­pa­nies and orga­ni­sa­ti­ons. In col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with DIE ZEIT-maga­zi­ne he runs a pro­gram of Phi­lo­so­phy Tra­vels all over Euro­pe. He tea­ches phi­lo­so­phy and ethics at dif­fe­rent uni­ver­si­ties. Edi­tor and aut­hor of seve­ral books, late­ly: Pla­ton und die Fol­gen (Metz­ler 2018), Nicht den­ken ist auch kei­ne Lösung (GU 2018).

Quarch’s phi­lo­so­phy is roo­ted in the tra­di­ti­on of Hans-Georg Gadamer’s Phi­lo­so­phy of Her­me­neu­tics, with who he work­ed while stu­dy­ing at Hei­del­berg Uni­ver­si­ty. His major pur­po­se is a well-groun­ded and advan­ced inter­pre­ta­ti­on of human exis­tence by which gui­de­lines for a good and healt­hy life can be achie­ved. As for this he refers to dif­fe­rent phi­lo­so­phi­cal tra­di­ti­ons from Pla­to and Aris­tot­le up to Nietz­sche and Heid­eg­ger. He is stron­gly inspi­red by what he calls ‚Plato’s Meta­phy­sics of Ali­veness’ and pre-Socra­tic thin­kers such as Heraclitus.

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