In Zei­ten des über­mä­ßi­gen BLABLAS glän­zen wir mit weni­gen Wor­ten und dem Licht der alten Götter.
Chris­toph Quarch und Chris­ti­ne Teufel
A world more soulful, more copious­ly blossoming!
Lan­guage of lovers be the lan­guage of the land!
Their soul the people’s lilt. (Höl­der­lin, transl. by Micha­el Hamburger)
It’s a trou­bled time we’re living in: a time in which it is hard not to mindlessly
tra­ver­se the invi­si­ble line of demar­ca­ti­on bet­ween opti­mism and cynicism.
Actual­ly, we don’t belie­ve in the pro­mi­ses of digi­tal inno­va­ti­on and arti­fi­ci­al enhance­ment of humanity.
Yet, we do belie­ve in the slum­be­ring poten­ti­als of ana­log­ous humans still wai­ting to flourish;
and we also belie­ve in the all-encom­pas­sing Spirit’s power to lit the fire of enthusiasm
and pas­si­on in a human’s heart – and to make love the lan­guage of the people.
The­r­e­fo­re, while ente­ring into a new year and into a new epoch, we do wish you powerful inspiration
and an open heart so that the seed of copious­ly blos­so­ming life will take root insi­de your soul.
All the best, have a mer­ry Christ­mas and a lucky New Year, yours
Chris­toph and Christine