In Zeiten des übermäßigen BLABLAS glänzen wir mit wenigen Worten und dem Licht der alten Götter.
Christoph Quarch und Christine Teufel
A world more soulful, more copiously blossoming!
Language of lovers be the language of the land!
Their soul the people’s lilt. (Hölderlin, transl. by Michael Hamburger)
It’s a troubled time we’re living in: a time in which it is hard not to mindlessly
traverse the invisible line of demarcation between optimism and cynicism.
Actually, we don’t believe in the promises of digital innovation and artificial enhancement of humanity.
Yet, we do believe in the slumbering potentials of analogous humans still waiting to flourish;
and we also believe in the all-encompassing Spirit’s power to lit the fire of enthusiasm
and passion in a human’s heart – and to make love the language of the people.
Therefore, while entering into a new year and into a new epoch, we do wish you powerful inspiration
and an open heart so that the seed of copiously blossoming life will take root inside your soul.
All the best, have a merry Christmas and a lucky New Year, yours
Christoph and Christine