As a spea­k­er and lec­tu­rer I am asked to speak on num­e­rous topics. Here you will find a sel­ec­tion of my cur­rent lec­tures. Of cour­se I also give lec­tures in English.

Current lecture portfolio

Men­schen­däm­me­rung. Wie ver­än­dert künst­li­che Intel­li­genz unser Leben?

Beau­tiful new world – isn’t it? In any case, not much will remain of man as we knew him when cyborgs, robots and digi­tal­ly opti­mi­zed beings popu­la­te the world. Whe­ther this is real­ly desi­ra­ble is not just a ques­ti­on of roman­ti­cs and the etern­al­ly yesterday-minded.

Nicht den­ken ist auch kei­ne Lösung. Wie sie gute Ent­schei­dun­gen treffen

Lec­tu­re on the book „Nicht den­ken ist auch kei­ne Lösung” (GU-Ver­lag 2018).

Die Weis­heit der Wäl­der. Was wir von der Natur ler­nen müssen.

An invi­ta­ti­on to reflect on what the forest and its clea­rings have to say to us today as mir­rors of the digi­tal world.

Some of my lec­tures can be found in my pod­cast as live recor­dings. My lec­tu­re series are available as down­loads on all portals.