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Dr. phil. Chris­toph Quarch (*1964 in Dues­sel­dorf) is phi­lo­so­pher, best-sel­ling aut­hor, spea­ker, com­pa­n­ion and inspi­rer for enter­pri­ses. He orga­ni­zes phi­lo­so­phy jour­neys (main­ly ZEIT-Rei­sen) and tea­ches at several uni­ver­si­ties. He is regar­ded as Ger­many’s most down-to-earth phi­lo­so­pher and with his book „Der klei­ne All­tags­phi­lo­soph” he has awa­ke­ned public awa­reness that phi­lo­so­phy belongs right in the midd­le of our dai­ly lifes.

  • Plato’s Meta­phy­sics of Soul: Refle­xi­ons on the Actua­li­ty of Anci­ent Greek Phi­lo­so­phy
  • Süßes Dun­kel – Sweet Darkness (David Why­te Aut­hor – Chris­toph Quarch Edi­tor)

Alt­hough in Ger­man:

  • Das gro­ße Ja (legendaQ 2019)
  • Pla­ton und die Fol­gen (J. B. Metz­ler 2018)
  • Nicht den­ken ist auch kei­ne Lösung (GU 2018)
  • Ret­tet das Spiel! (btb 2018 – Han­ser 2016)
  • Offi­ci­na Huma­na (av edi­ti­on)
  • Der klei­ne All­tags­phi­lo­soph (GU 2014).

Quarch lives with his fami­ly in Ful­da.

Philosophical profile

Chris­toph Quar­ch’s phi­lo­so­phy is in the tra­di­ti­on of Hans-Georg Gada­mer’s Phi­lo­so­phi­cal Her­me­neu­tics, for whom he worked as a sci­en­ti­fic assi­stant. He is inte­res­ted in a well-foun­ded under­stan­ding of our huma­ni­ty in order to gain gui­d­ance for a suc­cess­ful an flou­ris­hing life. He updates dif­fe­rent phi­lo­so­phi­cal approa­ches from Pla­to and Aris­tot­le to Nietz­sche and Hei­deg­ger. His most important source of inspi­ra­ti­on is anci­ent Greek phi­lo­so­phy, abo­ve all Pla­to. Chris­toph Quarch is one of the worl­d’s most inno­va­ti­ve Pla­to spe­cia­lists and one of the best con­nois­seurs of the Greek spi­rit in the Ger­man-spea­king world.

Tabular Vita

  • born 1964 in Düs­sel­dorf
  • 1985 – 1996 Stu­dy of Phi­lo­so­phy and Pro­tes­tant Theo­lo­gy in Bie­le­feld, Hei­del­berg and Tübin­gen (PhD in Phi­lo­so­phy)
  • 1996 – 2000 Edi­tor
  • 2000 – 2006 Pro­gram-direc­tor of the DEKT
  • 2006 – 2008 Edi­tor-in-Chief
  • 2008 until today – self-employ­ed
  • Lec­tu­rer at various uni­ver­si­ties
  • Best­sel­ling aut­hor and long­sel­ler-edi­tor of more than 50 books
  • Phi­lo­so­pher, spea­ker, thin­king com­pa­n­ion for com­pa­nies and tour gui­de (ZEIT-REISEN), …
  • Lives with his wife Chris­ti­ne Teu­fel and the two school-age child­ren in Ful­da