Cooperation Partners

Teunen Konzepte GmbH |

Jan Teu­nen, Cul­tur Capi­tal Pro­du­cer crea­tes a cul­tu­ral foun­da­ti­on for com­pa­nies. His work is sta­te of the art and it hono­urs me to co-crea­tively coope­ra­te with him.


Sin­ce 2016 I have been a tour gui­de here for the tours desi­gned by mys­elf and my wife Chris­ti­ne Teufel.

connect & develop |

With (Swant­je) Benus­si & (Phil­ip) Benus­si GmbH & Co KG I deve­lop advan­ced cor­po­ra­te cul­tu­re concepts.

Ultreya GmbH |

Dr. Doro­thea Noé-Rum­berg is my agent – plea­se cont­act her with book pro­ject enqui­ries. New Phil­an­thro­pic Socie­ty e.V. |

Neue Philanthropische Gesellschaft e.V. |

I have been a mem­ber of the Sci­en­ti­fic Advi­so­ry Board sin­ce May 2014 and I am hono­red to be able to con­tri­bu­te my ide­as and thoughts here.