A lively and inno­va­ti­ve cor­po­ra­te cul­tu­re is a key suc­cess fac­tor in modern busi­ness. I help com­pa­nies to reco­gni­ze their uni­que spi­rit and to ver­ba­li­ze it in a way that it can sus­tain­ab­ly inspi­re employees, cus­to­mers and partners.

My services

© Illus­tra­ti­on in the bro­chu­re: Katha­ri­na Schmidt /

I support you as:

  • Impul­se gene­ra­tor and thought-com­pa­n­ion for high-level personnel,
  • Inspi­rer and lec­tu­rer at cor­po­ra­te events,
  • Aut­hor of exclu­si­ve cor­po­ra­te publications.