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WDR5 The Phi­lo­so­phi­cal Radio on 20 March 2020: „How does Coro­na chan­ge your per­cep­ti­on of time?“ Lis­ten to the programme »

On 14 March 2020 I was a guest on ORF1. The pro­gram­me „Logos“ was about Fried­rich Höl­der­lin and reli­gi­on. Lis­ten to the programme »

Artic­le and radio report of 12 Febru­ary 2020 on Deutsch­land­funk Kul­tur – Poli­ti­sches Feuill­ton: „A social year streng­thens cohe­si­on“ Read artic­le / lis­ten to program »

Radio broad­cast on 9 Janu­ary 2020 on Deutsch­land­funk Kul­tur – Poli­ti­cal feuill­ton: „Only tho­se who lis­ten learn some­thing will learn some­thing” Lis­ten to the programme »

WDR5 Das phi­lo­so­phi­sche Radio on 20 Sep­tem­ber 2019: „How do you find mea­ning in life?“ Lis­ten to the programme »

WDR5 Das phi­lo­so­phi­sche Radio on 10 May 2019: „What does the forest mean to you?“ Lis­ten to the programme »

I was a guest at NDR on 19 April 2019 and gave an inter­view on the topic „Nicht den­ken ist auch kei­ne Lösung“ Lis­ten »

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